When can I start with the individual programs?

We accept the students for all programs throughout the year. You can apply whenever you want. 

One exeption is holiday work: Please apply between December and February for the following summer. 

How much does it cost to study in Germany?

Undergraduate costs to study in Germany. Although you can study for free at public German universities as an undergraduate, there is a charge per semester for enrolment, confirmation and administration. This is typically no more than €250 (~US$290) per semester, but varies depending on the university.



When should I pay the program fee?

The program fee is due within a week after you have recieved the work contract from us. 



What happens, if I don't receive the visa/ I cancel my participation due to personal reasons?

Basically, all students get the visa issued. If you cancel your participation, we will refund part of the program fee and the costs for the insurance. 



What is included in the program fee?

The program fee includes a German healh, accident and liability insurance for the entire duration of your stay in Germany. It also includes the costs for the postal shipment of the original documents to your country and our administration fee. 



What should I do, if I get sick/ I have a work accident during my stay in Germany?

First of all, you should contact your employer / your company. He will help you to find a doctor. Prior to your stay in Germany we will provide you with all necessary insurance documents, which you have to take to the doctor. Somethimes you pay cash for the treatment in advance. In order to get your money back from the insurance, you have to fill out the claim form of the insurance. We will assist you if you need help. After that the insurance company will refund the money to you. 



When do I get my first salary?

You will receive the salary at the end of each month in cash or transferred to your bank account. If you don't have a bank account, the host company can support you to open a bank account. 



Which documents do I need for the visa?

I. For the internship (national visa, D category) you need the following documents: 

- Visa Application 2x 

- CV and Motivation Letter (optional depending on the embassy) 

- Student ID 

- valid travel document (passport)

- 2 biometric photos 

- work permit for Germany

- work contract and internship plan 

- insurance documents for Germany 

- visa fee (approx.80 EUR)


II. For Holiday Work (Shengen with job permission) you will need the following documents: 

- Application form

- work permit and work contract

- visa fee (approx. 60 EUR)

- valid travel document (passport)

- 2 biometric photos 

- insurance documents for Germany 

- flight confirmation


Please also check the website of the German embassy in your home country. 

When do I buy the flight ticket?

After you have received your visa you should coordinate your arrival in Germany with us and book your flight. 



How is accommodation and food regulated?

I. Internship/ Voluntary social year: 

The costs for accommodation and meals are free. 


II. Holiday Work/ Apprenticeship:

The cost for accommodation and meals will be deducted from your salary. The exact amount can be found in your employment contract. It varies depending on the company and is between 250-450 Euros per month.

How can I prepare for the interview in the embassy?

Before you have your appointment at the German Embassy, you will receive a leaflet with important information how to prepare for your appointment.



What are the language requirements for the programs?

The language requirements vary depending on the individual program. 

For internship and holiday work in a hotel you have to speak German at level A2-B1. 

For an internship or holiday work in Agriculture basic knowledge of the German language is desirable. If you do not speak German, you should be able to speak good English.

For our program Advanced Training you should have a German B1 Language certificate in order to receive your visa at the German embassy.

If you want to come to Germany to study of to do an apprenticeship, you need a German language certificate (B1 / B2 / C1). 

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