• Are you interested in an apprenticeship in Germany? We are happy to help you find a suitable company.
    • Especially in agriculture and in the hotel industry, there are many vacancies, which often cannot be filled by German applicants.
    • The training lasts 2 to 3 years. Meanwhile, you attend a German professional school on usually one day of the week.
    • Your German language skills should therefore be very good (language level B1) and a language certificate is often required when applying for the visa.
    • You should be at least 18 years old.
    • An apprenticeship can be your entry card to the German labour market.




    • We find a training company for you and advise you about the conditions.
    • We take care of your work permit.
    • We provide a German health, liability and accident insurance for the first month of you stay.
    • We support you in obtaining the visa / residence permit.
    • We help you with the organization of your journey to Germany.
    • We are at your side to support you during your first months in Germany.




    • You will receive a training salary that varies according to the industry and region.
    • On average you will receive about 750 Euro/month.
    • During the training you are subject to social security contributions.
    • Social security contributions include pension, nursing, health and unemployment insurance.
    • Housing is provided for you by your host company. The costs for this will be deducted from your salary.
    • After you have signed your training contract, our one-time service fee will be charged.

    You can apply with the following documents (see downloads):

    • CV in word
    • Letter of motivation
    • copy of travel passport
    • language certificate (German B1)
    • Copy of driver's license if available

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