• There are many reasons why you should study in Germany:

    • In addition to the wide range of courses available, German universities and colleges charge low or no tuition fees, as most courses are state-funded.
    • The quality of the training is very high and the living conditions in Germany are good and safe.
    • Culturally, too, each region has a lot to offer.
    • 14% of students in Germany are of foreign origin – many Master's and PhD programmes take place in English. Nevertheless, it is a prerequisite for most courses that you have a language certificate for German, because almost all courses take place in German.
    • If you want to take a language course in Germany before starting your studies, this is also possible.

    For future students, there are the following options:

    Before studying:

    - Language course in Germany

    - College (Studienkolleg) in Germany


    - Bachelor's degree or state examination (Staatsexamen)

    - Master's degree

    - PhD

    • We advise you on a study/your study stay in Germany.
    • We inform you about the study modalities adapted to your desired course of study.
    • We prepare all the necessary documents together with you and inform you about student life in Germany.
    • We send your application documents to the eligible German university.
    • As soon as the admission notice is received, we will assist you in obtaining the visa/residence permit.
    • We help you to find a place to live and advise you on the first administrative procedures after your arrival in Germany.
    • We support you during your first semester.



  • For our service we take a one-time service fee, which must be paid after the purchase of the visa.

    You can apply with the following documents (see downloads):

    • CV in word
    • Letter of motivation
    • Copy of travel passport
    • School graduation certificate
    • University degree (if available)
    • Language certificate (German B2 – C1)
    • Date consent



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