• The Voluntary Social Year (FSJ) is a social voluntary service in Germany for young people between the ages of 18 and 26.
    • It takes between 6 and 18 months and can be practised, for example, in the following social institutions: hospitals, nursing homes, kindergarten, schools, sports clubs, museums.
    • You will get an insight into the working life in Germany, gain practical experience and improve your language skills.
    • You work 5 days a week and about 8 hours per day.


    • We are looking for a suitable place for you.
    • We support you in obtaining the visa/residence permit.
    • We organize your arrival.
    • We support you during your first months of volunteering.



    • You will receive monthly pocket money.
    • Accommodation and meals are free in most cases.
    • Your employer pays for the social security contributions and the costs of health insurance for you.
    • A one-time service fee is due for our services.

    You can apply with the following documents (see downloads):

    • CV in word
    • Letter of motivation
    • copy of travel passport
    • school graduation certificate
    • language certificate (German or English if available)
    • Data consent

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