• Our applicants are foreign students who want to earn money for their studies during the summer semester break.
    • They support you wherever there is a need, e.g. as a harvest helper in agriculture, as a waiter, kitchen help or in housekeeping in the catering and hotel industry, as an assembly line worker in industry or as cleaning staff in industrial cleaning.
    • The maximum duration of employment is 90 days per year from May to October.
    • Communication in German or English is ensured.



    • We will introduce you to suitable students with their individual CV.
    • We prepare the necessary application documents for the work permit on your behalf and submit the application to the ZAV.
    • We provide an individual health, liability and accident insurance (Dr-Walter).
    • We help the students to apply for the visa.
    • We organize the arrival at your company.
    • We are available to provide advice throughout the entire period.



    • The students receive minimum wage and are available for 90 days for at least 40 hours / week.
    • The employer provides accommodation, cooking facilities and work clothes. The costs can be deducted from the wages.
    • The holiday work is free of social security contributions, only income tax (tax class 1) has to be paid by the student.
    • Students are not required to register with the registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt).
    • The students have to pay for their travel expenses themselves
    • Praktikum4People receives a monthly administration fee of 80 euros for the duration of their employment.

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