• We provide you with foreign specialists who have a corresponding professional qualification (Bachelor or Master).
    • The applicants meet the language requirements (German and / or English).
    • Initial work experience from their home country or abroad can be fulfilled.
    • Our applicants have strong social skills and other work-related requirements, depending on the professional field.


    • We will recommend the suitable candidate for your company.
    • We will send you the application documents.
    • If you wish, we are happy to organize a first introductory meeting via Skype or IMO for you.
    • We assist with the recognition procedure (equality testing) for foreign professional qualifications.
    • We support the candidates in obtaining the visa / residence permit.
    • We organize the employee's travel.
    • We will be available during the probationary period.


    • The remuneration of the employee is based on the conditions of each branch and company standards and will be determined by you in the employment contract.
    • All insurance and social security contributions as well as travel expenses are borne by the employee.
    • We will charge a one-time service fee after the successful placement and arrival of the employee.




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