• Our applicants are foreign young people between the ages of 18 and 26, who after completing their schools want to gain initial work experience in social professions in Germany.
    • They are available for at least 6 to a maximum of 18 months and would like to experience not only work life, but also cultural life abroad.
    • They come from countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan or Tajikistan.
    • Their language skills are sufficient to communicate with you (B1).
    • We will select the suitable applicant for you.
    • We support the candidate in obtaining the visa / residence permit.
    • We organize the arrival of your future employee.
    • We are available to support you during the voluntary service.


    • The employee receives monthly pocket money paid by the employer and free accommodation and lodging.
    • He/she is covered by social security system. The contributions are paid by the deployment site or the training facility.
    • Praktikum4People receives a one-time service fee from you after the successful placement.



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