• Your future trainees come from non-European countries and want to complete vocational training in Germany.
    • In most cases, they are interested in continuing their employment after their training.
    • The applicants come e.g. from countries like Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan or Tajikistan.
    • Their language skills are sufficient to communicate with you and attend professional school (B1).
    • Trainees who want to become a farmer can skip the first training year (or the BGJ) if they have completed an agricultural degree abroad.


    • We interview the candidates in advance and recommend the most suitable candidate for your company.
    • We will send you the application documents.
    • If you wish, we are happy to organize a first introductory meeting via Skype or IMO for you.
    • We prepare the documents required by Bundesagentur für Arbeit in your name. 
    • We support the candidates in obtaining the visa / residence permit.
    • We organize the applicant's arrival at your company.
    • We are available during the probationary period for you and the trainee.



    • The remuneration of trainees is based on the individual profession and your company's standards and will be determined by you in the training contract.
    • As a company, you provide accommodation and work clothes. The costs can be deducted from the wages.
    • The applicants bear the travel costs themselves.
    • Praktikum4People will charge you a one-time service fee after the trainee has been successfully placed and arrived.




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